Simple Details

Simple Details

Happy Shopping Friends!  We’ve super-sized ‘My Five Favorites’ this month and are sharing our Fifteen

Happy Shopping Friends! 

We’ve super-sized ‘My Five Favorites’ this month and are sharing our Fifteen Favorites,

including some of our personal Christmas Lists! I think it’s my favorite post of the year. 

My blogging pals always have the best lists, and since I have a December birthday I

always feel justified adding a few of their great ideas to mine. 🙂 

We’re so excited to have Megan @ Honey We’re Home as our guest host today, she’s an

 absolute sweetheart, the cutest mommy to James & Jordan, a fashion & home blogger, 

and fitness guru extrordinaire! 

She has a surprise giveaway with her list you won’t want to miss!

 All of my favorites are for the women on your list:  





I bought this cozy soft Beaded sweater  for casual occasions during the holidays, it’s adorned

with pearls and rhinestones and is a little oversized. I like mixing my wardrobe

 (same as my decor) – distressed jeans and a dressier top. I know it will be on repeat, I just 

need to keep track of who’s seen it. Haha! I’ll wear it shopping, coffee with a friend, casual

 family dinner, it’d be fun for ice skating or zoo lights with a warm scarf and beanie.  

 is perfect for layering with several necklaces I have. I get a ton of compliments! 

Mine is Gold Fill – 16″ – Large (1.625″) – Blonde Marble   

I bought these classic Adidas Sneakers several months ago, they’re super comfortable, 

and so versatile. They’re fun to pair with white jeans in summer/fall and above is my

 favorite timeless, casual look for cooler fall/winter weather. The silver side stripes are

 more subtle than the bolder black stripes.  

Wearing my bright pink Boden coat makes me feel happy and stylish every time I put it on!

 I’ve had mine for a few years, the style is almost exactly the same as this one. It’s playful

yet polished and the simple style looks equally pretty dressed up or down.  

4.7 stars and over 1K reviews. Old Navy activewear wears incredibly and is crazy reasonable.

It’s always good motivation to start the new year with a few new workout pieces. 


Snakeskin is on trend this year, and I love the high end look of the block heel on these

 Sizes are going fast at $65!  

I LOVE this floral sweater and wouldn’t it be great with the snakeskin boots above! 

My perfect outfit – comfy, pretty details and unique! 

I haven’t ever ordered from this site before, so don’t have any experience with them,

but I think this sweater is worth trying them out!  

I put this on my list in September when I read it was the hottest accessory at New York Fashion Week. Not only is the $14 Clear Bubble Umbrella the choice for fashionistas, as it goes

 with any outfit, but it’s practical, more wind-resistant and slopes downward to give you more

 protection from the rain.    

I need a crossbody bag and I’m thinking this Michael Kors will fill all my needs, it has a

 boatload of great reviews and the color is perfect – not too gold or pumpkin(ish).  The

size isn’t too small to fit my phone, wallet and sunglasses. 

Cozy and classic toggle closures make my list! I like the stand up collar,

lined, and described as getting a hug from a teddy bear! 



The ideas are endless ~ 

a cook book, breakfast basket, new kitchen towels, homemade cookie dough, 

a plant…. 

A friend told me about this, for $3 it’s worth trying, I’m sneaking one in my stocking, 

and picking up a few to tie on my girlfriend gifts.   

Coin necklaces are still popular and here’s a fun piece of costume jewelry that will give

 you the chic look but won’t break the bank. It’s the perfect layering piece, and would look

great with the monogram necklace above. 

I’ve mentioned this before, and you guys NEED to order Rapid Lash to put in your

stocking. I’d always had good lashes but they started getting shorter and after researching

I determined Rapid Lash was the best price/review combination I was looking for. 

It’s $22 on Amazon – much more reasonable than $100/tube. I was completely

surprised at how long a tube lasts. I’m going to be close to 2 tubes lasting a year! I’m

diligent about using nightly because your lashes return to their previous condition when

you discontinue use.  I have noticed I go through mascara more quickly and Lash Paradise

is my favorite, but I don’t like the waterproof.   

asked a lady what lipstick she was wearing. It has a slight tingle when applied, that’s the

plumping at work. Dolly is the best selling shade – it’s described as ‘sultry mauve.’ 

I love using it over other lipstick shades, too. 

  Be sure to stop by and check out my pals’ lists:

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