small bathroom renovations

small bathroom renovations

Glass bathroom sinks have become more popular in recent years. People enjoy having the unusual

Glass bathroom sinks have become more popular in recent years. People enjoy having the unusual designs and colors in their bathrooms. What is more, manufacturers have found new ways to make glass more durable and functional.

small bathroom renovations

Modern glass bathroom sinks have many advantages over other sinks. They have a surface that is really quite scratch-resistant. Abrasive cleansers will not damage them at all. You can use extra hot water on them, so you can get them nice and clean.

Glass bathroom sinks are very hygienic. This is because their surfaces are not porous. They do not make a good environment for bacteria. There is no place for germs to take hold except on the very upper surface, which you can keep clean.

Also, because glass bathroom sinks are non-porous, they are stain-resistant. Any chemical or other substance that gets in the sink can be easily washed away. It does not soak in below the surface. The glass will not absorb anything.

There is a variety of ways glass bathroom sinks can be mounted. Some are simple vessel sinks that mount on top of a counter. They sit on top with a faucet, usually a tall curved one, standing over them. Some are mounted under the cabinet so that the bowl of the sink shows through the top. Others are dropped in through the top.

Glass bathroom sinks contribute small bathroom renovations to your home. They come in many different colors. Deep blues and reds are available, as well as frosty whites. Shapes may be round, square, or oval. Some even have a waterfall-type delivery system from the faucet.

You can decorate your home using glass bathroom sinks for every lavatory. They add sparkle and texture. Some of the glass types used have texture patterns made into the glass. Others are smooth to the touch, but have air bubbles inside the glass that add to the interesting look of the glass.

Glass bathroom sinks are durable. In fact, even after a year of steady use, they will look just as they did when you took them out of their shipping boxes. Most of these glass bathroom sinks are made of heavy glass. It is not surprising that they should stand the test of time.

One thing you have to remember about glass sinks is that you have to avoid extreme and sudden temperature variations. While this may be a problem in a kitchen sink, a glass bathroom sink rarely sees such wide fluctuations in heat and cold. You might have hot water in the sink, but you will very seldom put ice water in a bathroom sink.

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