Sofas & Couches in 2 Days or Less

Sofas & Couches in 2 Days or Less

The living room is where your family spends the most time together, and sofas are

The living room is where your family spends the most time together, and sofas are the most important piece of furniture in that room. They’re also used for a wide variety of activities. They’re where you entertain guests or binge watch your favorite show. Sofas are also where families gather to catch up together at the end of the day.

A piece this important should be comfortable and speak to your unique style. Luckily, Raymour & Flanigan has a wide range of sofas to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sofas & Couches in 2 Days or Less

Finding the perfect sofa style

As the centerpiece of your living room, your sofa is a big piece of your overall design style. There are so many different styles of sofas out there, and each has its own distinct characteristics.

A few characteristics that differ between sofa styles are:

  • Shape and height of arms
  • Wooden leg styles
  • Attached or loose cushions

In addition to these features, you have a whole range of fabrics available for your couch upholstery that can customize your look even more. Keeping these elements in mind, it’s easy to start narrowing down the sofa that best fits your home.

How to choose the right size sofa

Why is the size of your couch important? It’s all about the flow of your living room. A large, oversized sofa chaise can be comfy, but it could make it hard to get around a small room. Reclining sofas let you recline, and don’t take up extra room when the footrest is away.

You also want to consider how the size of a sofa will affect the balance of your room. Large pieces that block windows or stick out past a wall will make a space feel cramped. As a general rule, your sofa shouldn’t take up an entire wall. Aim for around 18″ on either side of your sofa to help your living room look its best.

If you’re decorating a small apartment, you might decide your space can’t handle a full-size sofa. Consider substituting a loveseat and a few accent chairs to get the same amount of seating with a smaller footprint.

Kid- and pet-friendly fabrics

Sofas are often used daily in people’s homes, so they need to be durable. This is especially true if your family includes kids and pets. Microfiber is easy to clean and stain-resistant, so it’s a popular choice for durability. Plus, microfiber sofas can be found in a variety of colors to fit almost any decor style. This easy-to-find fabric will make it simple to find a couch that’s kid- and pet-friendly.

Leather sofas are also good for pets because dirt and hair can easily be wiped up. However, you do have to be wary of your pet’s claws potentially scratching the leather. In a rustic style living room, a few scratches could enhance a leather sofa’s weathered look, but it’s something to keep in mind when you’re furniture shopping.

Finding the right sofa doesn’t have to be hard. With plenty of choices online or in a Raymour & Flanigan showroom, we’re sure to have just the couch you’re looking for. Take a look today and you’ll soon be lounging in style for your next movie marathon!

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