The Property Brothers’ Best Home Office Designs Ever-Including Drew’s Den

The Property Brothers’ Best Home Office Designs Ever-Including Drew’s Den

Since the pandemic began, many people have made the transition from office workers to work-from-home

Since the pandemic began, many people have made the transition from office workers to work-from-home warriors. This can be a difficult change, especially if your home lacks an office.

And now, with the end of social distancing still far off, it’s time to invest in an upgraded workspace—and Drew and Jonathan Scott of “Property Brothers” can help!

After all, these reality TV stars have carved out cool home offices in many of the residences they’ve renovated, large and small. So if you’re in need of some ideas, look below for some of the gorgeous home offices they’ve built.

Need lots of space? Get a built-in, L-shaped desk

This office has tons of desk space.


In an episode of “Property Brothers” titled “Island Getaway,” Drew and Jonathan meet a family where both homeowners need to share one home office. This means that they need plenty of desk space.

Since space is tight, rather than choosing two traditional desks, the Scotts install an L-shaped built-in, which allows both homeowners to command plenty of room. It looks sleek and modern, and with this design, two people (or more!) can work comfortably.

A home office can be for work and fun

This home office space is a great place to work, or just hang out.


While some serious work-from-homers might enjoy a dedicated office, the brothers know that a home office can also be a place that balances work and play.

On one episode of their show “Celebrity IOU,” titled “Viola Delivers a Dream Home,” Drew and Jonathan help the Academy Award winner Viola Davis gift a renovation to her longtime friend Michelle—which includes a gorgeous home office.


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The new office has a stylish workspace, with a long, marble, built-in desk and lots of drawers.

It has a spot for a record player and a cozy chair, where Michelle can sit and listen to music. It also has a long shelf for pictures of family and friends to keep this office space feeling less stuffy and more fun.

“This is your secondary sanctuary,” Jonathan tells Michelle. “We wanted to have a space with all these memories, but also another place where you could play a little music and just kick back.”

It’s a good reminder that office space doesn’t have to be all about business.

Add an office to your laundry room

This mudroom makes a perfect home office.


Plenty of people want a home office space that’s separate from the rest of the house, where they can simply sit down and focus on work. A mudroom could be just the ticket.

On one episode of “Property Brothers,” “Vegas for Good,” the brothers manage to wedge a desk into a mudroom.

It’s a difficult project, because so many features have to fit into this room.

“You wanted all kinds of stuff, like a crate built-in, you wanted a workstation, you wanted to have a washer/dryer built in, as well as tons of storage,” Jonathan says.

Still, in the end, the space looks beautiful. With tile floors that look like brick, and with clean, white cabinets, this office is extra-stylish as well as functional.

An office in your living room is also A-OK

This home office is compact but functional.


Of course, not everyone has an extra bedroom they can turn into an office. That’s why, in an episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home” titled “New Lives, New Home,” the brothers build a desk right in the middle of the living space.

Small but efficient, it’s a great spot to set up a laptop. With a sleek, black counter and fun gray chairs, it’s an easy (and beautiful) addition that fits seamlessly within the living area.

Got kids? Keep them organized with labels

These desks are perfect for kids.


Sometimes workspace is less about office work and more about schoolwork.

In one “Property Brothers” episode, “Strength in Numbers,” one family wants a spot where their kids can sit and do homework. The brothers end up installing two desks that are perfect for young scholars.

With a clean look and labeled storage space for every kid, these desks are tailor-made for students to be productive.

Go traditional, for a more professional vibe

Drew’s office is classic and beautiful.


The Scotts have given their clients excellent home offices, but one of the best offices they have ever designed is right in Drew Scott’s house!

Drew’s den is all about old-fashioned charm. With dark colors and decorative trim, it has a sophisticated feel.

This room also has a large desk, which not only allows for plenty of workspace, but also makes the space look professional and official.

The desk is even big enough to include two chairs on the opposite side, which make this not only a perfect place for working from home, but also a good place for meetings.

And where did Drew find his inspiration?

“I wanted the den to remind me of the den that I grew up with—my dad’s den,” Drew said. “And it really does. I mean, it’s a little more stylish, but it has that same traditional feel to it.”

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