Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Businesses in Our World Today

Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Businesses in Our World Today

Environmentally friendly businesses, also known as sustainable businesses, aim to prevent depletion of the Earth’s

Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Businesses in Our World Today

Environmentally friendly businesses, also known as sustainable businesses, aim to prevent depletion of the Earth’s natural resources, reduce waste and pollution, use sustainable raw materials, and conserve the planet.

It can be of great benefit to those businesses; for instance, they reduce costs by reusing resources, using eco-friendly sources of energy and power, meeting fundamental requirements on compliance, and creating a differential niche and recognition among their target market audience customers. The ways by which a company can be sustainable are:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees
  • Making use of video conferencing apps to avoid emissions from transportation
  • Encouraging employees to take trains more than alternative sources of transportation
  • Recycling their waste products.

For businesses looking to be more sustainable, practicing these will help them achieve their aim. On, you can also find reviews about energy providers that use sustainable methods.

Here are five environmentally friendly businesses in the world today:

1. Preserve

Preserve is a sustainable company that makes toothbrushes, colanders, straws, cutlery, and plants from eco-friendly materials. Preserve started with making toothbrushes and partnered with dentistry, science, and engineering experts to design a toothbrush made from recycled plastics waste, especially in the seas and oceans. All products made from this company are biodegradable or can be recycled to create new products. Their initiative, Preserve Ocean Plastic Initiative (POPi), makes their products from plastic obtained from waterways and ocean coastlines

2. Pela

Pela, founded in 2010, also recycled plastics from pollution in the ocean and waterways. The company makes phone cases that are 100% biodegradable. These phone cases are made from plant-based materials. They have a goal of preventing plastic production, reducing their carbon footprint by reducing waste, and using renewable sources of power.

3. Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery is a sustainable business that makes cheese with organic ingredients and carries out humane practices on their farm animals by prioritizing their health and welfare. It converts waste materials obtained from production into useful products, which include fertilizer and cow beddings. This company also encourages employees to use more eco-friendly modes of transportation that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They make use of renewable energy sources like solar energy in their dairy farm.

4. Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea is a company that makes Organic Tea from natural herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices with certified plant sources. The boxes used for packaging the tea are easily recyclable. Their tea wrappers are made from broken down or compostable materials. They also reduce their carbon footprint by using sustainable and renewable energy sources, offsetting carbon emissions.

5. Seventh Generation

This company makes cleaning products that make environmentally friendly packaging for their products. Their goal is to create sustainability for generations to come. Seventh Generation makes use of recycled materials to make their packaging. These recycled materials are biodegradable and help to prevent wastage.

In conclusion, eco-friendly businesses are different from other companies. They are focused on being environmentally conservative to reduce the rate of pollution and waste products that eventually increase carbon emissions and depletes the Earth’s natural resources. Planning on starting your own business? It’ll be of great benefit to you and to society to focus on sustainability.