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Table of Contents Your website should load in under 2.4 secondsUser intent researchDecreased bounce ratesSEO code mark upSemantic key phrasesAutomatic backupsFirewall OS-levelDatabase securityOS security & patching Your website should load in under 2.4 seconds Slow speeds reduce website conversion rates User intent research We discover the users intent for a […]

User intent research

We discover the users intent for a specific keyword and carefully match the content with the search. 

Decreased bounce rates

We use advanced design techniques to keep users on your site longer, while solving the their problem. The ultimate goal is a memorable experience.

SEO code mark up

Your new site will have the correct SEO mark up such as title, h1, meta & schema code. Your entire site will be 100% SEO compliant in accordance with search engine best practice.

Semantic key phrases

We adjust your content to include semantic phrases and content built around the original user intent. It’s an advanced tactic in on-page SEO

Automatic backups

Your entire website is automatically backed up and stored on an isolated server. Frequency can be hourly, daily or weekly.

Firewall OS-level

All our websites are protected from malicious server attacks using OS-level firewalls. It’s a vital feature to our systematic approach to security.

Database security

Our databases cannot be accessed remotely ensuring another layer of protection for your application.

OS security & patching

Our servers are maintained with the latest OS patches and firmware, reducing the risk to your application.

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