Web design company, best web design companies, top web design firms, graphic design links, firm list, design directory, studios, design schools, design jobs, cool web sites, professional design resources, gallery of inspiration

Web design company, best web design companies, top web design firms, graphic design links, firm list, design directory, studios, design schools, design jobs, cool web sites, professional design resources, gallery of inspiration

Welcome to Digitalthread Digitalthread selects the best web design firms, top freelance portfolios and graphic

Welcome to Digitalthread

Digitalthread selects the best web design firms, top freelance portfolios and graphic design resources from online submissions and discovered web sites. Together, we are building a historic digital resource for professional web designers throughout the international design community.

Web design company, best web design companies, top web design firms, graphic design links, firm list, design directory, studios, design schools, design jobs, cool web sites, professional design resources, gallery of inspirationHellllo Monday! Welcome to a new week, and a new start with this pure creative agency with a strong line of professional digital and analogue work. Designing for some of the top clients in the industry, and based in New York, Copenhagen and Aarhus (first time we heard of that city too), Hello Monday is an awarded agency that focuses on web design, demos, print and identity design. We especially liked their featured work for Lego and Google… and overall, their portfolio from top to bottom is showcase of highly polished work…. More

Paul Lee DesignShining, and sparking, and shaded, and every thing nice, Paul Lee’s design come across with a futuristic twist and a silver touch. Chock-full of great examples, this portfolio shows a wide range of modern, colorful and fun designs and illustrations for web, interface, and interactive projects. Great looking eye candy here…. More

Mike KusDreaming Everyday About Design, the portfolio of Mike Kus, gives us a wide sampling of “big print” style web design. Contained in the UK-based portfolio is an outstanding example of framework-breaking, large scale, and full screen design work that catches the eye, and uses the full scale of web and print media with typographic finesse. A very inspirational merger of traditional and modern styles making a large scale impact…. More

Loft InvestmentsFinancial minimalism taken to its finished state, finely tuned and carefully polished. A very wonderfully crafted grid design for a financial investments firm based in Sweden. Beautiful splashes of color dotted throughout for the graphs and diagrams. Excellent…. More

Hard GraftSprung from a independent, local beginning, Hard Graft brings together a unique combination of wool and leather to craft premium bags and laptop sleeves. Their honest and high-quality products have quickly spread globally, and are in high demand. Born in the UK, and handcrafted in Italy by two hard working designers… We love the unique site navigation and simple, beige-toned approach…. More

Warby ParkerDesigner frames and eyeglasses from a modern company who are cutting out the middle-man and bringing low cost Rx frames and the “buy a pair, give a pair” profit sharing model to the overpriced eye wear market. In addition to a great, minimal design, they offer virtual try-ons and home try-ons – two well-executed concepts for this (mostly) online store. Great business model. We wish them great success…. More

Best Made CompanyExactly how all websites may look one day – this is certainly the way we’d love to make websites; minimalist, white, with light splashes of color is what it’s all about (for us). Trim copy, big product images, an appearance of high quality for this bespoke outdoor camping products shop. What’s not to love? Neat looking & really simple…. More

Lucid Inc.Lucid is a multimedia-based creative studio making non-fiction, story based advertising, brand communications and documentary films. Their portfolio features interesting video and story work most recently for clients such as BlackBerry, Dentsu and Nokia. Their site features a digital-newspaper style site with nibblet-sized contrasting typography. Very nice…. More

Island Creek Oyster BarEating out is never so much fun as when you travel and dine, exploring new locations and sea-side destinations. So, whether you are near to this Boston locale, or dropping in from points West, you get the feel here of a fast, and easy, “on-to-go” sort of location. Fundamental to this experience is the idea is that they bring the restaurant to the farmer. Neat concept. Neat execution. Great experience…. More

Julius TarngReally sharp portfolio of work from an upcoming industrial and interactive designer. Really great and simple site layout shows just enough to tease, and comes loaded heavy with project details if you want more. From sketches, to an amazing student-based mobile platform design, this is a true talent with a portfolio that will not disappoint…. More

Blank & Co.Collaborative, creative, and multidisciplinary, Blank & Co. and Built by Blank make up two halves of a complete business building agency. Their skills include developing software and content management systems to creative solutions, user experience designs, and design strategy. Blank is powered by smart decision making and innovative solutions – a nimble and effective agency that gets the “blank” done…. More

First Data“Going beyond the transaction” is their tag line, and that attitude extends into their design—up to a certain point. Certainly, this is a bold and up-to-date design for a payment transaction firm. We really liked the bold chevron ribbons as a branded contrast against their deep blue backgrounds. Then there’s the use of dark squares and shading which give boxed elements the appearance of floating over the background. We were also impressed with the look of the dashboard, which contains bite-size graphs and financial snippets. Plus the drop-down navigation elements are quite nice too. Overall, pretty slick looking…. More

ArvorecerWonderfully spirited design of contrasts and subtle details. This site integrates nature, openness, typography and information design all into one very attractive package. We were most impressed with the skillful blend and transitional elements that nimbly mingle the textures from the “earth” to “sky” portions of the design…. More

Christian KnopfSince 1998, Christian has proved himself across a varied range of disciplines, from identity design, branding, motion graphics, user interfaces and online communication. His work has been published numerous times, and he has also received several online awards. We found his work to successfully and artfully accomplish the goal of completing beautiful designs across several different media – which is a very desirable skill to have today. Christian is based in Dusseldorf, Germany…. More

Kyle MeyerKudos to Mr. Kyle Meyer, who is a young and upcoming web designer with a promising future in the industry. His work (and play) projects have an outstanding level of refinement and polish to them. The work is clean, minimal and well organized, and the typography is simple and effective. There’s not really much else to desire, is there?… More

JustalabJustalab is not “just” your average web design & web development studio. For starters, they are based in both Paris, France and San Diego, California. Their website is sharp and dynamic. And for just staring out in 2010, their work is fresh, and promising. We’d say they are making a just go of it. Good luck!… More

Brooklyn FareBrooklyn Fare are purveyors of fine foods, groceries and more in downtown Brooklyn, NYC. Their goal is not just to sell raw and prepared food, but to also be a centerpiece of the Brooklyn community. This site reflects that initiative with large personable photos of their staff and products, along with well devised copy writing. Clean, minimal and beautiful…. More

NOSOTROSTechnically clean design and personable designers seem to go hand in hand at this Paraguayan agency. They pride themselves on creating attractive work, but they also play well together as a team. Which is more important? Neither! What’s more important is they are happy together doing their work, and the end result is that everyone wins!… More

Michael DickDeeply dark and inviting, Mike’s website like his work straddles the line between creative design and front-end development. What we liked very much about this portfolio is the transparency of the process. As a designer specializing in interface design, he reveals all of his previous site iterations, and endears us through his openness, devotion and immersion in the materials of his work. Good job…. More

Logo KingNow this is an interesting concept… Buy quality premade company logos, business logos, and logo designs at a discount to custom designs. All of the logos from this Swedish design studio are created for a one-time usage, and there are hundreds to choose from. On top of it, they are all pretty good looking pieces of work! A great choice for a client with a small budget…. More

thingsthatarebrownThere’s just something we love about this small Seattle based firm. We keep going back to time and time again to marvel at their beautiful and clean design for inspiration. We’re sure that this client list must be growing strong since the last posting, and we can’t wait to see what else they have been working on recently. Great look. Great work…. More

Logo My WayWhat’s nice about Logo My Way is you can do more than just submit your logo design work for competitions to win freelance design contracts. It’s a great destination to gather some inspiration and see what people are doing in the world of logo design. You can also gain insight decision-making process between client & designer as you follow publicly in real-time which designs clients select. Overall, it’s a great resource when you are in a pinch for an affordable logo job, and a great place to just look around and soak in a wide variety of identity ideas. That’s “My Way” of having a good time…. More

16toads Design16toads Design is an award-winning independent creative Atlanta web development agency which collaborates with other independent designers, programmers and professionals to share projects and ideas. They are appreciated for a stellar commitment to client satisfaction and superb, off-beat creative solutions for web, print, and miscellaneous marketing initiatives…. More

Avatar New YorkForward thinking collection of technologists, programmers and designers who have been bringing their experience to bear on all manner of online projects since 2003. We liked their clean HTML based site for its robust amount of detail packed into a tight package, and its application of tidy typography. A diverse (and green) team of knowledgeable experts makes this firm an efficient powerhouse for web design…. More

House Industries presents Alexander GirardHouse Industries joins forces with 60’s textile design icon Alexander Girard to present a new line of playful fonts and objects. In this age of greening and Woodstock anniversaries, Girard’s joyful objects and shapes with their roots in the 60’s and folk art are now becoming ubiquitously apparent in a contemporary context. Check out this sun-drenched online exhibit of new items, and jump on this hay ride of design fun…. More

IBM - Smarter PlanetGood old IBM leverages its branding power and smarts to try to make the planet a better (and smarter) place to work, live and do business. If you are looking for new grid designs and graphs, you’ll find clean pages, graphs-a-plenty, and a very snazzy set of colorful icons… And that’s just what you see on the surface. It’s all about the ideas and how they can help make things better for all of us…. More

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